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Texas Rainbow News

The Texas Rainbow News is published by the Grand Assembly of Texas on a quarterly basis in January, April, July, and October.

Each assembly submits an article for a specified month, giving each assembly an opportunity to display activities and to promote their unique ideas and activities.


Information for Subscriptions

Please see the attached subscription form.  Subscriptions are $16 per year and should be sent to:

Ms. Jo D. Dibrell

Please contact Ms. Dibrell with changes of address and questions. 

Back Issues

A limited supply of single copies of the Texas Rainbow News are available from Mrs. Weaver at $4.00 per copy.


Guidelines for submitting articles

Please see the attached guidelines for contacts, guidelines and the schedule for submitting assembly articles.

Deadlines: (always check the most recent Texas Rainbow News for possible changes)

To be included in the:

Jan, Feb, Mar issue: Information must be received by November 10th

Apr, May, Jun issue: Information must be received by February 10th

Jul, Aug, Sept issue: Information must be received by May 10th

Oct, Nov, Dec issue: Information must be received by August 10th


Assembly Articles

Mrs. Suzette Faith


General Information ("line-items" only)

Rainbows, Rainbow Rays, Sunshine, Shadows, Rain, Partners in Progress, Oops, Movin' and Groovin', In Sympathy, Little Brothers and Sisters, Wedding Bells, and Pledge Corner, etc. should be sent to

Mrs. Sydni Benso


Special Feature Articles

Special feature articles (such as special events, awards, Grand occasions, NOT assembly articles) and general photos (in JPEG format) should be sent to:

Mrs. Kate Cecil

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